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Highly Reliable Medical Ventilator

Highly Reliable Medical Ventilator
Highly Reliable Medical Ventilator
Product Code : EMMA 03
9000 USD ($)
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9000 USD ($)
Product Description
The ventilator is suitable for various kinds of medical institutions for cardiopulmonary resuscitation respiratory support. Acute respiratory failure caused by various reasons or incomplete oxygenation dysfunction. Intra-operation, post-operation respiratory support, other respiratory treatment. Trust Points l Simplicity: easy to use, easy to move with 4 wheels. l Choice: adapt the equipment to your patients and procedures freely l Patient Centered Ventilation: Precision in an anesthesia ventilator, from conventional ventilation to advanced modes, including 8 modes: IPPV; A/C; PCV; SIMV; SPONT/CPAP;PSV;SIGH;MANU. l Designed and manufactured by TRUTH BIOMEDICAL with Vast experience in this area. l Flexible configurations to suit your needs. l International standard and advanced technology suitable for wide range use. l Compact interface and big screen give you better operating experience. l Over 2,000 units installed in the world. Features l 12.1 TFT LCD screen displays the Ventilation parameters, Alarming information and Waveform. l Recycle breathing pipe, ensure easy operating and keep tidy. l Multiple working modes such as volume control and pressure limit, adapt to wide range patient. l Vaporizer with temperature, flow compensation and self-lock function, keep safety anytime. l Multiple parameters monitoring interface, make every parameter clear, let users know the patient conditions in all aspects; l Real time pressure-time, flow-time loop graphics and high precision O2 concentration detection function included. l Stable and low noise air compressor, create quiet work environment for doctors. Safety l Three level alarming system, visual and sound alarm information. l With lots of alarming, reminding and protection functions. l Advanced power management control technology. l With built-in backup power source, when outside power source goes off, back-up power source starts to work.

l Self-check before running, eliminate system mistake. l Separate design of electric and gas, keep safety running of ventilator. Specifications Ventilation modes: IPPV, A/C, PCV, SIMV, SPONT/CPAP, PSV,SIGH,MANU Ventilator parameter ranges Tidal volume(Vt) 2000mL Frequency (Freq) Oxygen concentration 1bpm 100 bpm 21%-100% I/E 4:11:8 PEEP 0 cm H2O , 40 cmH2O Pressure Limit 20 cmH2O  100 cmH2O Monitored Parameters Frequency (Freq) 0 /min 100 /min Tidal volume(Vt) 0 mL2500 mL Oxygen concentration 15 %  100 % Oscillographs display: P-T(pressure  time) F-T(flow  time) P-V loop (pressure volume loop) Size 1st Wooden case packing size main engineL560*W 560*H 605mm , GW35KG ; NW17KG 2nd Wooden case packing size air compressor L670*W700*H 1160 mm , GW 79KG ; NW 46.2KG

Alarm and protection The AC power failure alarm Power failure or no connection Internal battery backup low voltage alarm ±0.3V No tidal volume No tidal volume within 6s High Minute Volume alarm LowMinute Volume alarm 5L/min-99L/min 1L/min-30L/min High Airway pressure alarm Low Airway pressure alarm High oxygen concentration alarm Low oxygen concentration alarm 20cmH2O-100cmH2O 0cmH2O-20cmH2O 19%-100% 18%-99% Continuous pressure alarm (PEEP+1.5cmH2O) over 16s Suffocation warning Fan error Oxygen deficit 5-60s Show on screen Show on screen The maximum limited pressure 12.5 kPa W±22V Power frequency 50Hz Input power 900VA(with working conditions Gas source O2,AIR Pressure 280kPa-600kPa Voltage -220Vair compressor) 250VA(without air compressor)

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